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Amber Marie - Poet & Spoken Word Artist

“My relationship with spoken word began early on; it started in elementary school when I was chosen to recite Mya Angelou's "Still I Rise" for a Black History Month Program. My love for performing began then, and as I got older, I felt more comfort in expressing myself through writing, and naturally gravitated towards poetry. During undergraduate, I studied English, concentrating on Creative Writing; that's when my appreciation and knowledge of the craft grew, and I decided my life's work will be writing literature. I graduated and began working on my first collection of poems. After much consideration, and advice from loved ones, I decided to combine my passion for poetry and performance. My poetry is a reflection of my innermost emotions and experiences and I hope that in sharing parts of myself through my art, I spark inspiration in others. I am currently based out of RVA, originally from Hampton, Virginia. 757 stand up!”



Zhè Aqueen - Vocalist, Muse, Activist, Indigo

There's a kindred and bright spirit, born Taizhé Aqueen Parson to the natives of Richmond, Va, who is beginning to open the third eye among the world through eclectic emotions and sapiosexual melodies. Over the past two years, although studying and creating music for ten plus, she has resonated with the hearts, souls, and minds of her rapidly growing fan base and supporters as the one and only, Zhé Aqueen. Her Ella Fitzgerald to Teena Marie vocal range, Persian silk rhythms, strong yet sultry harmonics, thought provoking lyrics and absolutely captivating stage presence has placed her in the spirits of Virginia, New Orleans, Texas, California, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Uganda, New Zealand, Jamaica, and many others. Zhé Aqueen is not just a songwriter, recording or performing artist whose display goes far beyond Hiphop, RnB, Neo Soul, Jazz and Pop; But she is also a powerhouse, monumental voice for Peace, awareness, and self-love through spoken word and platform.



THEakasha - Woman, Creator, Spiritual Chia Pet

Hailing from Jersey City, NJ with a strong eye and ear for design in all aspects, Akasha is a DJ, music video director/editor, and art director. 

Having been the in-house art gallery curator for grass roots non-profit organization, Urban Creators, a content creator for Dinnerland network, and also affiliated with media brands, The Source Magazine, Artladelphia Select, and UGLYBASS and more, Akasha has found that her passions lie where the arts and social activism intersect. As a member of the inaugural class of the Institute of Hip Hop Entrepreneurship, Akasha is working to connect and uplift women of both the local and creative communities with an event series which showcases women artists and raises donations for the women's shelters of North Philadelphia.


We believe all artists are geniuses, in their own right; we simply aim to be the catalyst to that genius.


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