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For our "Still Nigga" exhibit, we are looking to portray and challenge the concepts of what it means to be black in America and the world. This concept will encompass the beauties, successes, accomplishments but also the setbacks and issues we continue to face due to how we are perceived/projected/represented and how we perceive/project/represent ourselves. We are aiming to manifest this raw juxtaposition. There are many examples that can be provided that show the progress of black people but in a sense, they are still "niggas" in media, community, sports world, politics, workplaces and more. 


"Somethings you can't escape/Death, taxes and a racist/Society that make/Every nigga feel like a candidate/For a Trayvon kind of fate/Even when your crib sit on a lake/Even when your plaques hang on a wall/Even when the preseident jam your tape" -J.Cole


We will not focus on the typical "Jambo" artwork (Jay-Z video). We are aiming to take this pop culture reference and spin it to truly captivate attendees as they continue to question and challenge the concept of "Still Nigga". We ask that all pieces/installations be submitted for review to include but not limited to paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, speeches, poetry, etc. All pieces must be submitted for approval by January 20th. 


Locations: The Manchester Gallery in Richmond, VA - February 21-28 2018


(We are still looking for a gallery/creative space in NY/NJ/Philadelphia for the dates: February 7-14 2018) 

If interested in submitting, sponsoring or co-curating for the exhibit(s), please connect with us today!

"Trapped in Venus"

MICRO TOUR w/ Zhé Aqueen + THeakasha   



Through our collaborative efforts, along with the support of several sponsors, we are currently curating a multi-city tour with our two artists and their creative friends. We're excited and highly anticipating Summer 2018! THEakasha is a powerhouse DJ who is known to have every listener fall in love with her set; this comes from her music and the energy she exudes. THEakasha is the official DJ of the sultry vocalist Zhé Aqueen. Zhé Aqueen fills any venue with the beautiful sounds of original songs and crowd favorites, as she carries each listener to her own world. A world they never want to leave.

With this headlining duo, we are curating “Trapped in Venus”. It will be an all-female showcase including local DJs, poets, singers, artists, curators, and creatives alike. The focus of the showcase will be to promote the inert and natural, creative powers of the Woman. We are planning to run this tour from Chicago-NY-D.C.-Charlotte-and finally Miami. 

If interested in performing at, curating, sponsoring or promoting Trapped in Venus, connect with us today!


APRIL 2018

Join us for Manchester First Fridays! We have the pleasure of sponsoring
a very creative community event created by Manchester Manifest each month on the Southside of Richmond, VA. Starting again April 2018!

If interested in vending opportunities, connect with Manchester Manifest today!

We are, the creative genius: evolving cultural domains, while propelling art and uplifting community by any means necessary.